Uganda’s Coffee: Fighting Poverty Through Trade

“It’s for our safety,” my driver warned “the deeper we go into the jungle the bigger the danger of us meeting with her wild animals… and the rain, she is coming. We must hurry.”
Why did Cindy-LouDale travel the great distance to the wild African jungle of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda and put herself in possible danger? She wanted to witness the miracle Rwenzori Coffee plantation for herself. The plantation was started by a man who his workers say “only God could have sent.”

Andrew Rugasira is the individual responsible for the creation of Coffee Company formed of more than 10,000 small-scale Arabica coffee growers from the Rwenzori Region.Since 2002, the Company has helped many farmers by paying them double the flat fee and in Africa, support like this is a true blessing.

In a phone interview with Dale, Rugasira expressed his belief that Africa is a “giant food basket, not a bottomless begging bowl. She is place of tremendous opportunity. Our coffee growers are ready for business, all we want is the opportunity to fight poverty through trade.”

Rugasira and the Rwenzori Coffee Company are an inspiration to many people in Africa; more loyal and faithful people like Rugasira are what Africa needs to get on it’s feet.

Source: Cindy-Lou Dale