Finland: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Arctic Adventure

If you regret that your winter has not seen any snow, perhaps you may want to consider a trip to Northern Finland. The European country centered between Sweden, Russia, Norway, and Estonia, often gets feet of snow. This is especially true of Finland’s city of Rovaniemi because it lies at the Arctic Circle.

“In and around Rovaniemi, the Arctic is a fluffy white playground and snow is a source of pleasure. Unlike home, I heard nobody complaining about the weather; in fact they were hoping for more snow,” says Kathryn Lemmon about her trip to city Nordic city.

One key highlight about a trip to Rovaniemi is the chance to ride in a reindeer sleigh. There are over 200,000 reindeer in Finland. Between the herds of reindeer and traditional elfish looking Lapland costumes, you may feel like have walked into Santa’s personal village.

Also recommended is snow mobile riding. Lemmon recounts her experience on the machine as an “out-of-this-world sensation”. Her adventure took her down paths with “pristine, snow-covered pine trees. Acre upon acre of perfectly sculpted snow is such a pleasure to see. The temperatures cause the snow to cling tenaciously to even the tiniest, thinnest tree branch.”

Finally, while travelers do not need to prepare for their trip by learning a new language (the Finnish speak English) they must anticipate the cold weather. Although the average temperature of Rovaniemi is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the number can quickly drop to -31 degrees; thus be sure to bring warm clothes.

Source: Kathryn Lemmon