Transitioning Abroad

If the idea of living abroad interests you, you are not alone. Numbers of expatriates are growing quickly all around the world. During my year abroad in Spain, I encountered hundreds of Americans who had relocated to Europe.

Even though living abroad is becoming a popular idea, it can be a scary thing to do. Not everyone is up for some of the challenges that may arise with moving to another country. If you are playing with the idea of moving abroad, Rhiannon Williamson of gives three thought provoking guidelines to examine before making any decisions.

Area 1: Begin by considering your reasons for moving abroad in the first place. Costs of living in the country and your climate requirements are two key factors that may eliminate many choices. Also, consider language barriers. Do you speak the language of the country?

Area 2: Skills-Do you have a specific skill and do your skills and qualifications translate in every single overseas country? Also be aware of any permit permission restrictions, residence visas requirements, and taxation implications of moving abroad.

Area 3: Practicalities- How easy and affordable is it to find rental accommodation in your country? Will you rent furnished or unfurnished? If you’re moving a long way away how will you ship your personal belongings with you?

There are many important questions to contemplate and answer before making a decision like changing your nation. Yet, don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed; do your homework and have some patience. If a life abroad is something you really have your heart set on, then it is achievable. There are several people that have already pioneered their way into your ideal country, make sure to use them as resources.

Sources: Rhiannon Williamson