Living In The New Cuba

According to a writer for, the “New” Cuba is “ a hell of a fine place to live”. For $20, Christopher Howard’s ebook Living and Investing in the New Cuba shares all the secrets and tools for how a newcomer can adjust to life in Cuba.

Cuba has spent years developing its tourism industry. Today more than two million foreigners visit yearly and thousands of expatriates stay indefinitely; there is no law in Cuba that prevents foreigners from living there.

For hundreds of “New” Cubans, life in the country is extraordinary but adjusting to life there may be a little tricky at first. As with anything new and worthwhile, time, patience, and an open-mind go a long way.

Issues to consider are the two-tier pricing system (one price for foreigners, the other for Cubans) and the socialist economy. Anyone with the intention of relocating to Cuba should be aware of this but not fear it. There are 11 million people living in Cuba and the country is said to be one safest places in the world. As long as you are not suspected of espionage, the Cuban natives, police included, are extremely friendly and helpful.

Some of the best parts of life in Cuba include the warm and hospitable people; Cubans are famous for their sense of humor and know how to enjoy life. Also, Cuba is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs; the country is ripe for international investors who want to start new businesses.

This “Pearl of the Caribbean” has breathtaking terrain, towering mountains, spectacular landscapes, colonial and cosmopolitan towns, and beautiful beaches. Regardless of whether its for a week or forever, Cuba, is an great choice to put on your list of places to visit.