Good News For Female Travelers

With groups around such as Sights and Soul Travel, women no longer have to take trips alone. For years, females have been taking excursions by themselves because they know it is worth feeling a bit lonely, in order to fuel their hobby: traveling to exotic and interesting places around the world.

Due to the large amount of female nomads over the years, the travel industry has recently developed a new segment: women-only tours. On a women-only tour, single travelers can share a room and avoid paying the dreaded “single supplement”; hotels can charge 50 to 100 percent more for a room if you are a single guest.

Now there is no need to ever pay this fee. Besides, traveling with someone else can be a lot of fun! In many cases, women are divorced, widowed, or don’t know someone who has the opportunity or desire to join them; Sights and Soul Travel fixes this problem. Today women can connect with others who share their same passion and while traveling, don’t worry about eating alone or going out at night.

The latest edition to the female travel segment are mother-daughter tours; this is a great bonding opportunity for many women. Also, it is common to hear that solo traveling, especially for females, can be dangerous; companies like Sights and Soul Traveler are not just making a profit, they are making a positive contribution to society by protecting females.

Yolanta Barnes is the owner of Sights and Soul Travel and opened her company to spread her love and passion for visiting other places. “Some of us don’t like to travel solo,” Barnes says, “and we don’t like to go on tours where the other people are mostly couples and the activities are all geared toward couples, and we don’t want to go on singles tours because we are not necessarily looking for a mate”. It is great to know that two peoples needs to just see the world and have a good time can be so well met.

Barnes’ company empowers women. Together, women can enjoy the joy and art of exploration, share memories, and create friendships. As a female solo traveler, I agree that Sights and Sound Travel is a great value to women, and in the future plan to try out a female travel group. There is only question left: Will there be the same opportunities for men to travel together?

Source: Stephen Hartshorne