Budget Travel in Asia

Asia is a massive continent and there is much to consider before traveling it. In addition to planning for the many tricky visa requirements of crossing borders, remember that prices greatly range throughout Asia. To organize a trip there, some advice is group the landmass into three parts: Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Asia-Pacific.

Southeast Asia: Travels in this part of Asia include Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is the cheapest part of Asia to visit. Also, it’s many new budget airlines make it the ideal place for a budget backpacker; to really save even more, invest in Lonely Planet Asia On A Shoestring.

Indian Subcontinent: Backpackers who go here are “usually on a quest for something: spiritual renewal, the meaning of life, the ultimate high, love-or just a place they can get by for $10 a day.” India and Nepal are two of the most popular countries for budget travelers. Although, it is possible to not spend much money in this part of Asia, be aware that some places like in Bombay, India tourism is booming and it’s common to see fancy hotels going for $350 a night.

Asia Pacific: Asia Pacific covers Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China. With the exception of China, this region is by far the most expensive part of Asia. Keep in mind that Asia Pacific is strict on entry without a visa; make arrangements to get a visa at least a few weeks in advance and not risk getting denied entry.

Something else to keep in mind in planning your trip is the language barrier. While many of the main cities in Asia may have some English speakers, be prepared to struggle a little with communication. Make sure to bring a good phrase book!

Source: Tim Leffel www.transitionsabroad.com