Airport Travel Tips

New York OK, you were smart when you made plans to fly during one of the busiest travel times of the year.
You printed your boarding pass at home, figured out where you were going to park (or how you were going to get to the airport), threw all your liquids in a clear plastic bag and wore socks so you wouldn’t be walking barefoot through security (can you say germs?). You even purchased bright green luggage with a yellow stripe.

Then you get to the airport — three hours ahead of a time — and everything goes wrong: long lines, delays, cancellations, a missed flight.

Sure, you can yell at the ticket agent, fume that someone doesn’t know how to work the kiosk or had no idea there was a liquid ban.

But those probably aren’t the best approaches.

How can you keep from losing your cool at the airport? asap spoke to airline experts about how to overcome a travel nightmare.