Rafting in the Yukon at Age 70

Traveling to the Yukon Territories is ambitious enough. Doing it at age 70 is certainly blog worthy. GoNOMAD just published a new story about rafting down the Tatshenshini river. This story shows that today’s 70 is yesterday’s 60, and that the thirst for adventure never slows down. Linda Ballou writes:

“When my mother told me that at the age of 70 she was going to raft the Tatshenshini River, I didn’t think much about it.

She didn’t mention that the headwaters of this river in the Yukon Territory of Canada flow free for 140 uninterrupted miles through a 24-million-acre roadless wilderness that encompasses the largest non-polar ice field on earth.

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Nor did she hint that ursus horribilis — big honkin’ grizzlies — thrive on these salmon-choked waters. Not a whisper about the apartment-building-sized icebergs calving off the twenty glaciers that descend into the river that can explode into a thousand sparkling shards causing waves big enough to tip a rubber raft.

She didn’t chatter on about sucking holes and monster hydraulics where the Tat merges with the Alsek River to form one massive river four times the size of the Colorado. What she did say was that the guides were real good cooks!”