The Perfect Summer Rental

Renting a house in Maine is a summer thing, and sadly, summer is behind us. Still this story by Kent St. John provides some good lessons on renting the perfect place in ‘Vacationland’ or Maine. I wasn’t asking for much when I looked into renting a place on the coast of Maine. Only that it be reasonably priced, on the water, full of charm, fully stocked, and near a town with activity; in other words a fantasy rental.

Determination and hours online paid off when I came across Cozy Cottage on Cozy Harbor. I went through the pictures several times until I realized that I better jump and quickly; the chance of an opening in July was tenuous at best.

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The next morning I received an email from the cottage’s owner that my desired week was still open. Bingo! A chance to be a summer person near one of Maine’s prettiest costal villages, a carefree week by the ocean, so the check was in the mail. Not very long after, I was awaiting John and Ellen Blois at the Hannaford Store in Boothbay Harbor to get the keys to my home on the coast of Maine.

We trailed the Blois through Boothbay Harbor and then came to the swinging bridge that took us to Southport Island; the four short miles to the cottage took us far from Boothbay’s busy visitor packed streets.

As Lil and I followed to the small, heavily wooded peninsula the turn of the century cottage greeted us with the sun gleaming off its coat of fresh white paint. After a quick tour from John and Ellen we quickly did our own tour of the Cozy, followed by a stroll of the massive green lawn down to the waterfront.