Renewed Enthuthiasm in Hungary’s Wine Industry

Cindy-Lou Dale, writer for GoNOMAD, captivates audiences with her writing. Whether describing the regret of a two-hour €6 bus ride or the formidable bus rider sitting beside her, Dale has a way with words that makes you want to read more and more. Read about her Hungarian wine travels in her article Hugarian Wine: Back in the International Spotlight.

“I caught the eye an elderly gentleman hovering at the cellar’s entrance. Evidently he could not decide if he wanted to enter. He walked away, then moments later returned, but still chose to hover with intent.

With business now concluded, Jόzsef loped across and began the ceremonial opening of the first bottle. I refused politely saying I was only here to interview him and that I would not take up much of his time.

‘Nonsense,’ he growled. ‘We cannot speak with the dry mouth.’ We all nodded in agreement. A small cry of pleasure escaped me when the bottle finally released the cork.”