Natural Beauty in Charlevoix, Quebec

When planning a getaway, sometimes we want both the action of a city as well as the relaxation of a trip to the countryside. Located 90 miles northeast of Quebec City, Charlevoix is the perfect stop for travelers looking to take it down a notch when visiting Quebec. Here Kent E. St. John, Senior Travel Editor for GoNOMAD, explores the natural beauty of Charlevoix. He writes about some history, food, and even Beluga whales in his article Charlevoix, Quebec: Nature at Its Best.

“I have read many times about places in Quebec that remind the writer of traveling through France. I have just returned from an area that stands on its own; its uniqueness defies simple comparisons.

The Charlevoix Region’s position embraces the mountains that run directly to the shores of the St. Lawrence. On any given day you can climb through wilderness only to end the day catching site of a pod of Beluga whales passing by.

For over two hundred years Charlevoix’s mountains and tidewaters have evolved into a way of life. The culture trail is perfect for getting in step with the traditions of a region steeped in traditions. Friendly is not a word here, it is a lifestyle and is found in every small village. These places are great for digging into Charlevoix’s culture.

It can be said that Charlevoix’s beauty comes from above due to a 15-billion ton meteorite 350 million years ago. It is a World Biosphere Reserve designated by UNESCO in 1989, one of the few with human settlements. Outdoor exploration rarely gets as much play as it does here. ”