Ever Exciting Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of, if not the top, hotspot of Argentina. The city is bustling with great food, amazing dancing, and beautiful scenery. Sony Stark, writer for GoNOMAD.com, explores Buenos Aires in her article; Buenos Aires: The Paris of the South.

“The seasons are reversed in Argentina but that hasn’t stopped travelers from flocking to the fabled “Paris of the South” or Buenos Aires. The devalued peso, good for us-bad for them, is burgeoning a whole new boom in travel destinations throughout the country. Wonder aimlessly to the pulsating rhythms of tango in the barrios (neighborhoods). Feast on a plate of succulent beef at a famous Asado (family-style barbeque). Browse for leather bargains in the friendly pedestrian mall on Calle Florida (Florida Street). The money saved here is enough to fly home first class. And don’t worry about your limited Spanish– sometimes a friendly gesture and a trusted map is all you need to make friends with a beautiful porteno (local).

Puerto Madero is the youngest barrio and caters to a lively social scene made up of discos, high-end restaurants, and expensive office space. A bold transformation began 10 years ago with the gutting of 16 brick warehouses and transforming them into the trendiest places in town. The promenade and the pedestrian bridge Puente de la mujer (identical to a boomerang) are wide enough for skaters, bicycles, strollers and even cows to navigate. Yes, cows. Until the end of June, CowParade, the world’s largest rotating art event features 113 fiberglass cows grazing the docks.

It’s been 54 years since Evita died (July 26, 1952) but her memory still stirs in the hearts and minds of many. There’s the Evita Museum, the Evita tour and La Casa Rosada, the pink Presidential Palace where she rallied the descamisados (the blue collar working class). Tour guides will insist that cows blood was mixed with the paint to preserve the La Casa Rosada from humidity, hence the girly pink, but I believe it was a conspiracy to quiet political demonstrations in Plaza de Mayo.”