The Power of Pyramids

World traveler and Gone Walkabout writer Steve Connolly decided to explore the pyramids without the aid of a tour guide. Once there, he took cues from other, rather interesting tourists, and felt the power of the ancient structures. His story is recorded in his Egypt (Jordan and Israel) travelogue.

“We reached the smallest of the three large pyramids. A stairway goes up on the outside surface, then a long climb down a rather narrow, very steep, very hot shaft into the pyramid. Not for the claustrophobic! We followed this passage until we were deep within the pyramid, down into the burial chamber. For a moment, the three of us were alone with two other girls there. Both of them were standing motionless up against the wall, spread out with their arms braced on either side of them. Hm? The three of us looked at each other, shrugged, and joined them.

Again, like in the Himalaya, I reached out to sense the flow. What? There was a very powerful feeling here. In Nepal, I was surprised at the brightness I felt, “bright sparks into the air” I believe I said. This time, again, I was surprised. Somehow, I had expected to feel something similar to the mountains, energy shooting upwards into the air. Instead, I found something completely different. Yes, I definitely felt energy here, but rather than being directed outwards, it was coming down. Not the oppressive weight of all that stone pressing in, though I did get that as well. The energy was flowing down and into the land around me. I could almost picture it moving through the pyramid and pouring into the sand and stone around me. I could also somehow feel the other pyramids, though I could not quite grasp them, nor did I get anything from them. Well, it surprised me, and I don’t think I was alone, as we all continued to stand there, ignoring the tourist mobs who laughed, took pictures and ran on to the next sight. I never asked the others what they felt, it was just too weird, but as we finally moved to leave, they both had the same expression on their faces, one which I probably shared with them. A mixture of peace, power, and awareness.”