Sailing Through Antarctica

Climb aboard the “Spirit-of-Sydney” an eight passenger yacht and sail around Antarctica. Stephen Hartshorne, writer for GoNOMAD, did in his article; Sailing Antarctica in a World-Class Racing Yacht.

“Antarctica has become a very popular travel destination in recent years, and there are dozens and dozens of tour offerings there. But if you want to get really close to the striking Antarctic landscapes and the hardy animals that make their homes there, you might want to take a hands-on sailing tour of the White Continent aboard the “Spirit of Sydney,” an eight-passenger yacht designed for round-the-world racing.

“The only other way to sail around Antarctica is to charter an entire vessel,” he says. “The ‘Spirit of Sydney’ trips are unique because they offer individuals, couples and small groups the opportunity to join a sailing trip. Also, you’re a lot closer to the water when sailing. This trip will allow passengers the opportunity to view the amazing wildlife that Antarctica is famous for, including whales, penguins and sea birds, up close.”

The “Spirit” has also been likened to “an ocean greyhound,” with long clean lines and flared bow sections designed for surfing the big rollers of the Southern Ocean. The ship had a major refit in 2002 including a new engine, new mainsail and a plexiglass dodger on the cockpit.”