Visiting Assisi

On a tour through Umbria, GoNOMAD writer Cris Carl visits the town of Assisi. With her knowledge of history the ancient sites become more than old structures and beautiful landscapes in her article Italy’s Umbria Region.

“As you approach the Basilica of Assisi, the grandeur of the city named for the kindest, simplest of saints cannot fail to move you. One of the first things you will see besides a magnificent vista is a recently installed series of statues and carvings depicting many world religions from Christian to native Polynesian. Assisi is one of the most visited towns in the region, with miles of cobbled streets lined with 12th century history and shops featuring chocolates, ceramics, cheeses, wines, and herbs as well as plenty of religious souvenirs.

The basilica is filled with 12th and 13th century frescos as well as artifacts from the time of St. Francis, who was canonized two years after his death October 3, 1226. The endless artwork throughout the basilica was awe-inspiring, but for me, not more so than seeing the actual robe St. Francis wore. Keep in mind if you visit religious sites, wearing shorts and sleeveless tops will often prevent you from entering.

One of the best restaurants I visited nearby was Redibis, where you can dine for a reasonable price (for what is typically a six course meal) in a recently restored 2,000 year-old grotto. For wine and dinner you will spend about $60 to $75 per person. The food is outstanding and the mix of Old World style with clean modern touches lent an incredibly comfortable atmosphere.”