Tarragona, Spain

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most frequented tourist spots in Spain. While they are both great cities, if you’re looking for something more unique Tarragona, Spain is a great choice. Karina Halle, a writer for GoNOMAD.com, describes Tarragona in her article; Tarragona, Spain: History and Heart on the Mediterranean.

“Located on Spain’s pristine Costa Daurada – and just a short hop from Barcelona – Tarragona has miles of blissfully bare beaches, ancient Roman ruins, affordable accommodation and a vibrant cultural scene. To top it off, Tarragona has stayed away from the mass tourism that frequents most of Spain, making it one of the best-kept secrets in the country. Until now.

Tarragona is a great place to visit all year-round. In spring and fall, the weather is warm and the ocean temperatures are bearable. During the summer it can get stiflingly hot with high humidity but offshore breezes can provide a refreshing lift. In the winter months the town slows down but the lack of tourists and mild temperatures make it a unique and pleasant experience.

The town is blessed with several attractions that bring in people from all over the world, many of them listed by UNESCO World Heritage. The most famous of all these is the remains of a Roman amphitheatre. Situated downtown and just steps from the beach, this well-preserved battleground dates back to 2 BC. Standing in the middle of it, it’s not hard to imagine gladiators fighting each other (and beasts) to their death.

There are other Roman ruins scattered throughout the city, including a jaw-dropping aqueduct called the Pont Del Diable (or Devil’s Bridge). It’s further out from the main core than most other attractions but marveling at the wonders of Roman engineering is worth the trek.”