Amazing Animal Encounters

Jemima Price, a blogger for, created a list of different destinations to experience animal encounters. Read about the destinations in Jemima’s list; Awesome Animal Encounters.

“Swimming with Dolphins – Kaikoura (New Zealand)
Plunging into the icy waters of the South Pacific is a small price to pay to swim with nature’s most graceful creatures. Watching the wild dolphins fly towards you through the gloom, and look deep into your eyes as they circle you, is breathtaking.
WorldGuide: New Zealand

Orangutans – Sepilok (Malaysia)
Watch these delightful animals swing non-chalantly through the trees for their daily feeds deep in the Borneo jungle. Ignoring the by-standers they chew on their bananas, clinging to each other before being frightened away by cheeky macaques.
WorldGuide: Malaysia

Elephant Trek – Thailand (Chiang Mai)
As long as you research your trek carefully to take into consideration the welfare of the animals, riding high on one of these magnificent elephants as they plod through the jungle is not to be missed. Beware: elephant hide is extremely prickly!
WorldGuide: Chiang Mai

White Lions – Bethlehem (South Africa)
Nestled in the rolling Orange Free State is Cam-O-Rhi, the home of the rare Timbavati White Lions. Enjoy the opportunity to hold newborn cubs, frolick with 6 month olds and admire the adults as they lounge regally in the sun.
WorldGuide: South Africa”