Traveling Post-Divorce

Ex in the a new website for divorced women is a great way to learn the ropes of solo travel. GoNOMAD gives an overview about the content of the site in the article The Five Stages of Ex.

Divorce is a journey in its own unique way. According to Manning, “This journey is in fact one of a ‘nomad’ – a wanderer and traveler in completely unknown territory, searching for a sense of ‘place’ that is defined no more by family, wife, lover, mother – but being forged out of the experiences, the strengths that a woman knows deep inside define her – as an individual and not in the context of the role she has played for perhaps many years.”

After going through phases of anger and solitude, divorced women will eventually want to take deep breaths and discover new places. While women may travel through all five stages of the divorce, the explore stage is where the greatest emphasis is placed on travel. Manning believes, “This is a time of re-emergence, discovery, and a quest for truth. It’s time to start a new career, get educated, take a trip round the world or a walk alone to the local park. Small steps and victories are the key.”

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