Skiing through Montana

Aside from its beautiful scenery, Montana is known for its skiing. Sony Stark, a writer for, visits ski destinations throughout Montana in her article; Montana’s Wildest Winter Resorts.

“Our high-speed six-seater lift dumps us at the top of Moonlight Basin — too soon for my liking — and then I’m told to pick my poison.

I opt for a blue intermediate and push off. I’m scraping for air but this is an otherworldly snow, a light dry powder that keeps my spirits high and fears suppressed. In minutes my worries dissipate and I’m carving up trails and hurdling between vertical drops and rugged bowls. What was I afraid of?

My first run down a Montana mountain lasts over 15 minutes; that’s 14 minutes longer than back home in the Northeast. Of course Pat and Terry are keeping me safe from the true feats that other journalists attempt without me.

f your first impression of the landscape Out West doesn’t take your breath away, Montana’s specialty beers and exotic wild haute cuisine surely will. In a few days I’ll be biting into bison ribs and sharing bar shots with a wooly local. After a day of surviving unspoiled habitat it’s fitting to treat yourself to Montana’s best culinary delights.”