Oman is a safe, beautiful country to travel to in. Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey, a writer for, ventures to Oman in her article; Oman: Storybook Enchantment and Modern Amenities.

” Whereas many places in the Middle East, such as Dubai, have succumbed to commercialism, leaving a lot of their culture and traditions behind, Oman has successfully combined its centuries-old history and heritage with steady progress.

The country offers all modern amenities, but it also still has the storybook enchantment that makes Arabia so attractive: friendly people who live by their hospitality ethics; traditional souks (markets) where you can buy frankincense, silver and pottery; more than 500 historical sand-castle forts dotted across the mountain tops, and a sea teaming with dolphins and whales. One of only two Sultanates in the world – the other being Brunei, Oman is pure Middle Eastern magic straight out of The Arabian Nights.”