Missing Sicily

As it has almost been a full year since my trip to Sicily, the time has come to blog about that beautiful Italian island. My friend and traveling companion, GoNOMAD writer Jenn Kim, describes the friendly Sicilians in her article Warm Welcome in Sicily.

“The narrow, cobblestone streets were spotted with charming tantalizing pasticcerie (pastry shops), gelaterie (gelato shops), and cafes. One will usually discover Sicilian homes and buildings accented with an acorn (over time it has turned into a pineapple) hanging from their doorway or near the entrance of their homes. The acorn symbolizes hospitality and is literally a sign of welcoming.

The antique and novel appearance of the stores and owners themselves gave off an aura of character and old world tradition. Now, take a moment and imagine forty-five anxious Americans shuffling about in these small towns like paparazzi and reporters, intrigued with every miniscule thing. Despite dire warnings from the guidebooks, our group experienced one magnificent gesture of hospitality after another during our eight-day stay.”