Meeting a Princess

Most people would be excited to meet a Princess,Theodosia Greene, a writer for, is no exception. In her article; Rethinking Royalty: An Interview with a Bhutanese Princess, Theodosia vividly describes her meeting with Princess Khendum Dorje.

“Several days after flying into Bhutan, Maile, my traveling photographer friend, and I were driven to Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital and the home of Ashi (“Princess”) Khendum Dorje, who had been described to us as a fun-loving, active young woman in her thirties. It was arranged that the princess meet us at our hotel. It was a chilly, late afternoon in March and our room, decorated in deep burgundy tones was growing dark. Outside the window, a tall clock in “Times Square,” a square-shaped hotel garden, clanged five o’clock.

In she walked. To my surprise, this Bhutanese princess was as beautiful and fair-skinned as any Irish movie star. Wearing a western style black dress and low-heeled black pumps, Ashi settled gracefully into the hotel room chair by the window and ordered a bottle of fine wine from a waiting attendant. Sitting across from someone so like myself made me forget that she was a member of the powerful Dorji family, second only in rank to the royal Wangchucks.”