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Corfu Greece is famous for it’s wine. Read about the wine-making process in magnificent Corfu in the article; Nectar of the Gods~ Wine on Corfu, by Janet Darbey, a writer for escapefromamericamagazine.com.

“The tiny village road has been busy for the last few days, with the grape carrying lorries bringing the different types of grape to the taverna wine makers, and taking away the grape baskets to be refilled as quickly as possible at the vineyards, so that no time is lost with the winemaking. If they leave it too long the grapes will begin to rot in the baskets, so they must be used immediately – they are picked and delivered.

Each taverna has its own tradition of wine making. They will all make it their own way, with their own preferred type of grapes, or mixture of different grapes to give the rose wine, rather than the white or red. Some of the wine is referred to as black, because of the particularly dark musky grape which is used which produces the dark red, richly fruity wine. The wine comes in all combinations, black, red, white, sweet, medium sweet, dry and very dry. Retsina is also made, a dry white wine which is matured in wooden casks (Usually Oak) which gives it a particularly woody flavour. The wines on Corfu are very varied, and conoisseurs can tell you where a particular wine was made, down to details of the taverna, and in which village. “