The Kullu Valley

Escape from America writer Qiwi Lin Lisolet found that Living In The Valley Of Gods offers all the beauty in nature for very little. Deep in the mountains of the Himalayas, in a corner of India, lies this stunning location where outdoors sports abound and expats come to enjoy peaceful quiet.

“The landscapes of Himachal feature breathtaking mountain vistas, dense pine forests, terraced fields, fruit laden orchards, mountain meadows, rare and exotic varieties of plants and wild life. Five rivers flow through the state, and there’s an abundance of tributaries, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs.

The Kullu valley, where we’ve chosen to set up home, is sandwiched between the lower and greater Himalayan ranges. It is believed that this valley was once a vast lake. Local legend has it that the Ark of Manu landed here after a great flood, with its cargo of Gods – which is why it’s called The Valley of Gods. The closest town to where we live is Manali.

The most important advantages of life in the Valley of Gods: The cost of living is unbelievably low, there’s plenty of untapped business potential, especially catering to the steady flow of tourists, and the air, water and views are perfect.

When I say low cost of living I really mean rock bottom. You can live like a king in a large luxurious home, well appointed with all modern amenities including satellite TV with English language channels (BBC, CNN, CNBC, HBO), enjoy sports such as paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, cycling, rock-climbing, and white water rafting, and feast on fresh fruits from the orchards, fresh brown trout from mountain streams, and delicious local delicacies, all on less than $500 a month.”