Magnificent Oman

Anyone interested in traveling to an exotic locale complete with sand dune safaris, beautiful beaches, and magnificent architecture dating back to the 1500’s, should consider checking out Oman. Read more about Oman in writer for, Linzi Hill’s article, Muscat, Oman: An Undiscovered Middle Eastern treasure.

“Despite having only driven from the airport, I had fallen in love with Muscat. The sky was the most brilliant blue and all of the buildings in a very traditional style sparkling white in the relentless sunshine. It was exactly what I had imagined.

Muscat is wedged between the Arabian Gulf and the mountains so it seems no matter where you are the scenery is spectacular. The city is a sprawling mass and walking around to see the sites would be almost impossible. Mutrah has the main sights, but even they are spread out over a few miles. Although the city is modern, there are no high-rise blocks and even new buildings are required to be built in traditional Arabic style. Most roads don’t have names so people use landmarks to get around.

Before we left the walled city our guide insisted on taking us to the Al Burstan Palace Hotel “just to have a look,” an amazing hotel billed as the top place to stay, buzzing with every nationality. A stunning location with the most fantastic view, the gulf to the front and the mountains to the rear, another fantastic photo opportunity.”