Living Amongst the Waves of the Caribbean

For some people, the idea of spending days on the ocean, and nights on a Caribbean Island, is nothing but a dream. For Greg Urlwin it is a reality. Writer for Escape From America Magazine, Susan Noyce, interviews Urlwin in her article; Living on Antigua and Barbuda.

“A life at sea sounds like a dream to many. Others would wish for a mixture of land and ocean. Ferrying people and cargo between Antigua and Barbuda, Greg Urlwin has found the perfect blend. In the early 80’s, Urlwin decided he wanted to follow in his uncle’s wake, and sail to the Caribbean.

“I came down here for a year,” he says, “and stayed, two, went home, and was even less interested in being there than I had been before.

And one of the big problems this whole region faces competitively is the transportation problem. If you’re in Miami, and you need to do something in West Palm Beach or wherever, you get in the car and you drive there.

“But if you’re here in Antigua, and you need to do something in Barbuda, you need to get on to some type of transportation. So to me, a business that solves that problem is a good business.”