Gentle Gorillas

Many animals are slowly going extinct due to poachers, and developers forcing them out of their habitat. The gorilla, one of the gentlest creatures, is also nearing extinction. Cindy-Lou Dale, writer for, shares her experience of meeting these wonderful animals in her article; Gorillas and Guerillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Gorilla numbers have drastically diminished as a result of war and lawlessness in game parks in the eastern DRC. It is only in recent years that forest rangers have been allowed to resume work in parts of the reserve and begin the odious task of assessing the state of the animal population.

Mountain gorillas are gentle, affectionate giants that are one of the most endangered animals in the world and are nearing extinction through loss of habitat and poaching.

I had been warned not to approach the gorillas but instead to wait and see if they came to me, which a few of the younger ones did when they brushed by me. One put her hand on my forearm, lifting it to inspect a scar on my arm.”