Farm Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm? Now you can live on a farm for a few days during a farmstay. Anne H. Waigand, a Lodgings Guide writer, explores farmstays around the world in her article; Farmstays Around the World.

“Spending time on a farm can be strangely reassuring. After all, staying on the land provides a brief, but intimate, glimpse into the way things used to be and confirms that, somewhere in this technologically advanced world, there are communities still living quite well on what they cultivate from the land. In these microcosms of society are often found the history of a region, seemingly frozen in time.

Both working and non-working farms provide accommodations for travelers, anything from a room in the main farmhouse to a cabin located on the land. Properties range from the most rustic operating farm to an elegant bed and breakfast. On working farms, visitors are often invited to participate in the daily chores, and many rejoice in the opportunity to get in touch with nature–literally. Tasks can include the traditional milking of cows, feeding of hens, and gathering of hay.”