An Alternative Vacation

If you have ever wanted to experience some place new, while volunteering at the same time, “voluntouring” would be a perfect choice. Writer for, Mary Luz Mejia, explains the allure of “voluntouring” in her article “Voluntouring”: Doing Something More with your Vacation.

“Part Peace Corps and part cultural immersion, voluntouring gives people from all walks of life a chance to lend a helping hand while experiencing vast and vibrant lands.

Ana Maria Quintanilla, a voluntourist herself, describes the people who participate in these kinds of programs as having “a great sense of something bigger than themselves.”

When asked if she would voluntour again, Robyn replied, “I would absolutely do it again and will. It’s the greatest gift I could give to myself.”
It’s also often the greatest gift some of the people you come into contact will ever be given. Bob heard a speech on Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. that should remind us all, that even a drop in the ocean can make a difference. Here it is, as Bob remembers it: “You can’t do everything, but you can do something. If you can do something, then you should do something. If you should do something, then do something. Now!”