Christmas Wonderland in Germany

On, the christmas celebration and markets are described as a ‘must see’.

“As Christmas approaches, Germany reveals its most atmospheric side. Over 2500 Christmas markets in wonderful settings invite you to share the joy of the pre-Christmas season.

Germany’s first Christmas market was recorded in 1434. Back then the festivities went on for only a day or two and tended to confine themselves to the area around the main church. Today’s Christmas markets usually begin around the last week of November and go on until Christmas Eve or a few days longer.

Decorated booths are fully stocked with handcrafted gifts such as incense burners, wooden nutcrackers and toys as well as Christmas pyramids and Nativity scenes. And not to forget all the wonderful things to eat and drink such as roasted almonds and chestnuts, the famous Lebkuchen (gingerbread), grilled sausages and mulled wine.


Yes, Germany is magical at Christmas time!

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