E-Tickets Take Off

In an article called, “Scottish agency adopts e-tickets”, Phil Davies, describes the convenience and growing adoption of electronic airline tickets, rather than paper tickets.

He wrote, “Kenneth Macleod Travel is one of the first UK travel agencies to ditch paper airline tickets in one of its locations in favor of e-tickets.

IATA’s ‘Simplifying the Business’ strategy calls for the withdrawal of all paper tickets from travel agencies worldwide by the end of 2007. The organization has updated its regulations governing ticketing locations to encourage agencies down the e-ticketing path.

Kenneth Macleod Travel managing director Julian Stark said: “With nearly 70% of all tickets currently issued in the UK being electronic and the various savings and efficiencies available to ETL agents, we thought it was the right move to make for this location.

“The functionality offered by MySabre, combined with the fact that we no longer need to handle tickets, means the amount of time and money spent on after-sale administration has been greatly reduced. Our travel counselors are now spending their time selling to customers, rather than drowning in paper and administrative detail.”

Sabre Travel Network’s vice-president for the UK and Ireland Reet Wiseman said: …We’re focused on helping our agency customers streamline costs and processes. This, in turn, will help them provide the very best customer service at a time when the struggle for customer loyalty is tougher than ever.”