Taos: “Chosen Spot on Earth”

El Monte Sagrado, Taos

In an article called, “Art and History Meet in Taos,” Mary Elisabeth Pitz wrote, “I love Taos, especially off season: There’s no pressure to fly down ski slopes or hike from morning to night. There is, instead, every reason to live the Taos life—visiting galleries, eating and savoring the beauty of the Sagrado de Cristo mountain range. For the tourist, there is the added plus of staying at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa, a luxurious green haven in the high desert…

Modern Taosenos pride themselves on their characters, their artists and their chili-infused food… D. H. Lawrence once said: “You cannot come to Taos without feeling that here is one of the chosen spots on earth.” Fortunately, some things never change.”

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