Pink Sands

Pink Sands Resort, Bahamas
Pink Sands on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a place where celebrities often go to relax for a weekend. But the resort is not exclusive to the famous, anyone can visit.

In an article in Distinction Magazine from May 2005, called, “The Bahamas’ Out Islands Are In”, Judith Kirkwood wrote, “Barbara Hulanicki, who founded the revolutionary London style store Biba in the 1960s, designed interiors that mix Moroccan, Indian and Balinese furnishings against a backdrop of color-layered walls in the gathering rooms and the larger cottages. There’s an air of intrigue and exoticism, almost as if Harbour Island might have drifted into the Indian Ocean.

With 25 cottages of various sizes, the resort can accommodate a maximum of 58 adults. (Children are also welcome.) Spread over about 20 acres of lush tropical foliage—as the sun goes down the landscaping is reminiscent of a royal jungle in some movie fantasy. The resort is so spacious that one never feels crowded.

The initial excitement of possibly spotting a celebrity fades fast. After all, this is a place where the ornate East Asian carved-wood swing in the entrance hall has been photographed as many times as any film actor. Managers/hosts Clemens and Nancy von Merveldt treat everyone like a celebrity. Besides, the real star of Pink Sands is the beach…Then there’s the water. Whether it is grape green, baby blue, or peacock with pink edges, it is so clear and refreshing you just have to play in it.”

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