“Miskolc’s Gem in the Cave”

GoNOMAD editor, Max Hartshorne, just returned from Hungary. In an article called, “Moments in Magyar: Hungary Is Ready for Visitors,” he recounts his fascinating trip.

He wrote, “A recent trip to Magyar, as Hungarians call their country, was a bit like going to visit a friend who’s just bought a new house. He’s busy hanging photos, unpacking boxes and still arranging furniture, but he’s sure glad you’ve taken time to stop by…

The town of Miskolc isn’t much to look at; a city of about 400,000, many of whom are Roma and living in bleak ugly sprawling apartment buildings dating back to the age of the Soviets. But here we found a treasure. A cave has been hollowed out and thermal pools have been built inside.
We swam with the warm current around bends and into tunnels, finally emerging into a center room with a domed ceiling with stars and music. There was also a hotter pool in another room, and more channels to swim. It costs about $8 to get in, bring a towel and a robe.”