In an article on, the best vacation deals for each season are outlined. Greece seemed like a great travel deal, and especially beautiful.

WHEN: September to mid-October

WHY: If you’ve got a post-Olympic craving to visit the Greek islands, wait until fall and you’ll have them practically to yourself. The number of tourists drops dramatically after the first week of September, when student travelers are back in school and summer vacation crowds disappear. As a result, hotels begin reducing prices in early to mid-September, even though the weather is still balmy (80s during the day and 70s in the evening) and the water remains comfortable for swimming, with ocean temperatures averaging 72°F.

THE DEAL: You won’t get much of a break on air fares, but you can get up to 50 percent off on hotel rooms. On the island of Crete, for instance, the Grecotel Creta Palace hotel, where many of the Olympic swimmers stayed, charges $325 a night in the summer. But prices for a bungalow on the beach drop to $180 a night in September and $150 a night in October.

INSIDER’S TIP: For an even better value any time of year, stay on an island that’s not as well known to Western tourists. Paros and Naxos, a hydrofoil ride away from popular Santorini, have beautiful beaches and aren’t as built up as some of the more popular islands.

The article also listed many other destinations and seasonal travel deals.

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