“At this time, please turn off any cellular devices…”

Anyone who has been on a plane knows that cell phones are strictly prohibited and rarely get service in the air anyway. However, the FCC may approve the use of cell phones on planes in the near future. But is this a good idea? Many restaurants and theaters prohibit the use of cellular devices for the convenience of other customers, as the ringing and chatting is often annoying. Especially when 100 people are all on their phones having 100 different conversations at once.

On TravelMole.com, in an article called, “US law enforcement oppose cell phones on planes”, the author said, “While most worry about an increase in loud, disturbing cell phone chatter on flights, if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approve use of cell phones on flights, the U.S. Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security and FBI have told regulators that use of cell phones on flights could assist potential hijackers with coordination of an attack.

“The uniqueness of service to and from an aircraft in flight presents the possibility that terrorists and other criminals could use air-to-ground communications systems to coordinate an attack,” the security groups said in comments to the FCC.

Flight attendants filing with FCC address their concerns that use of cell phones could make their jobs harder during an emergency and lead to further cases of air rage by passengers.”

Do you think that cell phones on planes would be beneficial or just annoying to passengers and attendants?