Take Your Dog With You!

A major concern about traveling is what to do with your dog while you’re away. Many are so attached to pets that leaving an animal behind would be a good reason to turn down travel. But why not take your dog with you?

Patricia Clark wrote an article for GoNOMAD.com called, “Traveling with a Pet in Europe”.
She says, “The country most agreeable and willing to make pet accommodations is the Netherlands. I was surprised to see well behaved dogs in bars and restaurants. However, dogs are not welcome in most grocery stores, but even here I have observed them in shopping carts. The majority of rest stops along the autobahn (freeways) throughout Europe offer dry food and water with dishes placed at the door for animals. Dogs are welcome in shopping malls and amusement parks … Dogs are accepted on trains (intercity railway) and other public transportation (buses and streetcars) if you purchase a reduced price ticket for them. Taxi and limo drivers are often reluctant to accept dogs but since she is small, 23 pounds, I have never been rejected. Dogs are accepted on drive-on ferries and ferries between the islands without a ticket.

I have learned it is wise to have your pet’s health certificate and vaccination record at hand when entering another country. However, I have only been questioned about the records one time and that was when re-entering the United States on the second of our four trips. So far the authorities in Europe do not question but I, to be safe, never cross a border with out the papers.”

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