Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls National Park, Argentina
Part of the fun of traveling is adventure. When I read this article called “Playing Chicken with a Waterfall”, by AP writer Vanessa Nichols, it awakened the daredevil in me and I am now strongly considering a trip to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.
Nichols says, “Darting past jagged rocks, our speedboat plays chicken with the widest waterfall in the world. I hold my breath as the driver veers straight toward the enormous cascade tumbling down from the cliff overhead. As we rapidly approach the Iguazu Falls, I shout to my step-dad that we’re getting too close. Too late. The motorboat with its load of tourists is hurtling straight toward the towering curtain of mist.
I’m certain we’re going to crash right through the falls and smash into the rocks behind. Then, at the last second, the driver throttles back the engine and the boat spins away. We’re suddenly drenched by blinding sprays of water…I catch my stepfather laughing hysterically. Fear has turned to exhilaration and a group of soggy Italian tourists behind us are madly shouting for one more run at the falls — “Otro! Otro!”
We are touring Argentina’s Iguazu Falls National Park. Set in a subtropical rain forest where Brazil meets Argentina, it is a lush and enchanting place, enticing visitors from around the world who come here to see the thunderous forces of nature at work.”
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